Best Limit Login Attempts Plugins For WordPress

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Security is one of the biggest concerns for Webmasters, whether you own a blog, online store or a website — you have to save your back from hackers. This is the reason why so many updates are being launched by huge content management systems like WordPress and Joomla to protect sites from hackers.

Best Limit Login Attempts plugins

But when it comes to your WordPress blog security — there is not just one thing that you need to bother about. In-fact, you always have to check every single edge of your blog — one of the most serious thing among those edges is the login attempts that people try to make.

These fake login attempts, can be very harmful if a user can even manage to reach your site statistics page — as a webmaster you will never want this to happen.

So to secure your blog, and to make sure that no one has the ability to make an unauthentic login attempt — you should install a Limit Login Attempts Plugin, this will stop users from having the ability to do multiple login attempts at a single time which is very vital thing to do to make sure your WordPress blog’s security.

Today I have 5 WordPress Plugins for you, that will help you to protect your blog by restricting users from doing multiple login attempts at a time. So here we go!

Login LockDown

Login LockDown

Login LockDown is my first choice to restrict users from doing numerous login attempts — this plugin allows you to set minimum login attempts after which a user’s IP will be blocked, and he won’t be able to do any login for the time-period that you will set — default will be 60 minutes.

Login LockDown records the IP address and timestamp of every failed login attempt — if any IP range is detected for attempting fake login attempts — then it will be blocked and the login function will be disabled for all requests from that IP range.

Limit Login Attempts

limit login attempts

Limit Login Attempts is probably the most oldest plugin made for this purpose — by using this plugin you can easily stop your site visitors from trying fake login attempts.

It is used by over one million blogs worldwide, and has 4.7 star rating out of 5 on WordPress. Limit Login Attempts uses cookies and IP tracking to prevent any suspicious user from doing abundance of login attempts.

However, this plugin was last updated about four years ago — but still it has huge user belief — this is why more than a million blogs are using it.

WP Limit Login Attempts

Wp Limit Login

WP Limit Login Attempts protects your blog from Brute Force Attacks by limiting login attempts. This plugin helps you to block users from doing any login attempts who have done any suspicious login attempt within the defined era.

WP Limit Login Attempts also uses captchas to block fake login attempts from bots, if a user or IP keeps on trying to get access to your blog by entering wrong account information — then he will be blocked for a time-period that you will choose — maybe 24 hours etc.

Cerber Limit Login Attempts

Cerber Limit Logins

Cerber Limit Login attempts is a very useful plugin for blocking doubtful IPs and users — use Black IP Access list to restrict any IP or user from attempting any login.

You can also track users activity — if any fake login attempt is made, then you will get a notification in your inbox if this feature is enabled. This plugin has more than 8000 downloads and 5 star rating.

Limit Attempts Booster

Limit Attempt Booster

This is another great plugin for limiting users from doing multiple login attempts. This plugin is designed to provide high-class security to your blog.

By using this plugin, you can define a certain amount of login attempts, after which the user will be restricted from doing any further attempts.

You can also create and edit a list of blocked IPs to block or unblock any IP — this allows you to control the access of different IPs from reaching your site’s content.

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