Parse JSON Data easily in jQuery DataTables

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Required CDN’s

following are the required CDN’s i have used here for the datatables included with bootstrap design, just add css link within your head tag and js link just below the closing body tag.

Simpel HTML Markup/Table

this is our HTML Markup within Bootstrap’s div tag container the HTML Table will be filled with JSON Data, which we are going to parsed with custom javascript code. have a look.


friends i have used here the same JSON file which was used in my previous tutorial, change it as your requirement.

JavaScript Code

this is our main js code which parse JSON Data in Datatables. ajax: need’s json file, columnDefs is just a custom column definition well i’m going to add hyperlink into Datatables column. cause we have url in our json file, which need’s customized column.

if you have simpel data which need’s no special customization then you can use the following code instead above.

that’s it, try this and share it if you liked it 🙂

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